Welcome to Nenekiri's Website

Hello everyone! I'm Nenekiri and I'm a game developer that works on weird and wacky games when I'm not working at my day job. I thought I would set up this website as a way for people to see games and things I have worked on in the past. The majority of the content will be either old twine stories I wrote, highlights of my past games in video form, or screenshots from things I am currently working on now. Gasu, The Hugging Dragon is now out! Go play it at the itch.io link in the games section below!

If you have any questions or comments for me such as interest in a game I am working on or just want to talk game development, you can reach me at mmiele.miele@gmail.com. This is the e-mail address that I check most frequently, so it has the highest chance of a response to you!

Games that I've made and such:

Twine Story Links Below! Check 'em out if that's your thing.

And here's a trailer of different games I have worked on! Music track is called "Up Above" by Letter Box

If the video doesn't want to play I also have the video up on youtube at Game Highlight Reel

Until next time, Nenekiri.

Michael Miele

Working at a programming job, but still making weird games on the side.

Next convention I plan on attending is Anthrocon 2018!